how to set up outdoor security camera system

Outdoor security camera system ensures security of the property and lives. The system consists of cameras, computer, DVR, and connecting cables which operate in togetherness to enhance constant surveillance and monitoring of an area. Guide by

How Can You Set Up the Outdoor Security Camera System?

In the past, people used to hire technicians in order to help them in the installation process. However, the whole task is easy and you can consider doing it yourself. The following is the process of installing the system:



  • Sketch the Security Camera System


Before you install the whole system, you need to know how you want it to look like. This will enable you to know the amount of items that you need for the entire process such as cameras, cables, camera shades, DVR, and computer. It will also let you know the places that you will fit different parts of the system.


  • Select the Desired Locations for the Cameras


Cameras require to be fitted in an open area where they can be able to monitor as large area as possible. Such places may be at the gate, door, balcony, or any other open place in the outdoor compound.


  • Attach the Cameras


Cameras come with their entire parts which should be installed altogether. However, if you require an extra shade to cover the camera from direct sunlight or rain, you may include it as you buy the items

Cameras should be fitted in separate distances. However, ensure that the distances allow the coverage of all the area that you need to monitor. i recommand this camera . The cameras should be attached to constant power supply which ensures efficiency at all times.


  • Attach the DVR to the Computer


The DVR has numerous ports which allow you to connect the cables working in the surveillance system. By connecting them to the computer, you will be able to number all your cameras over the computer and monitor the compound completely.


  • Ensure the System is Working Correctly


After installing all the parts of a outdoor security camera system, be sure to check whether the system is working correctly and as required. You may note that some cables or cameras are not working or are not connected correctly. Be sure to correct the errors done during installation immediately. You may also troubleshoot problems to detect any possible software problem.


An outdoor security system ensures that every incidence that takes place in an area is completely recorded and saved in the hub system. Also, they enhances you to view the whole compound and everything that is in it at any time.